The journey of the Magi. 1: A star in the sky

The first of two sessions about the journey made by the Three Wise Men to Bethlehem.

1. A star in the sky

In the first session the children are made aware of 4 warm up activities suitable for dance – shake, swing, stretch, travel – and are asked to begin to remember them. They are also introduced to neutral position.

The idea of the star is introduced and the children are asked to think about how people might have reacted when they saw it. They stretch into star shapes using different levels. They imagine travelling through the stars and perform lively skips and turns lightly and freely through the space using the pulse in the music. They are asked to think about pathways and incorporate this into their travelling. Once they are warm the children repeat their star shapes but this time with a jump in the air. They practise performing repeated jumps using the phrasing of the music to guide them. They link their travelling and jumping movements to build a star phrase.

The children are introduced to the character of Caspar who is a great thinker, a wise man of the time. They create a wise man phrase involving lunging and pointing at the star and at reference books using different directions and eventually linking with a turn. They repeat the wise man phrase with a partner and in a small group to show the gossip about the star spreading.

At the end of the session the star phrase and the wise man phrase are linked using a verse and chorus structure reminiscent of the famous carol We Three Kings of Orient are. During the cool down the children are asked to think how they might react if they saw an unusually bright star in the sky.


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