Diwali. 1: Getting ready for Diwali

Diane Louise Jordan has the first of two dance sessions celebrating the Hindu festival of Diwali.

1. Getting ready for Diwali

In the first dance session the children focus on the preparations for Diwali - which means getting the house clean and ready, shopping for sweets and decorations, making rangoli patterns and lighting the Diwali lamps.


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Teacher's Notes
Diwali - complete dance music sequence (refer to the Teacher's Notes for the elements of the dance included).

Lesson summary

Warm up: crouching down small, jumping up high, skipping.

Getting ready – sweeping: pairs - sweeping in time.

Getting ready – polishing: pairs - jumping and reaching high and low.

Getting ready – opening the windows: pairs – skipping, throwing out arms.

Going to market: pairs - skipping, pointing, then jumping up high.

Arranging the lamps: stepping gracefully, making a curvy pathway.

Making a rangoli pattern: groups of four – spinning into contrasting shapes.

Lighting the lamps: groups of four – rising up slowly as the flames.

Getting ready recap: putting together the sequence.

Cool down: lie down and wiggle fingers and toes.

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