Dinosaurs. 3: Sleepover at the museum

In the third and final session the children take part in an imaginary sleepover in the dinosaur hall of a museum.

3. Sleepover at the museum

In the final session of the unit we spend a night at a museum! Children work together to make dance sequences based around the exhibits which come to life in the museum. These include a flying Pterodactyl and a Tyrannosaurus Rex skeleton, which crashes around the gallery, looking for something to eat!


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Teacher's Notes
Complete dance music sequence (refer to the Teacher's Notes for the elements of the dance included).

Lesson summary

Warm up: skip around the space, then freeze as a statue of an explorer.

Explore the dinosaur gallery: pairs – stepping and shining torches.

Look at the dinosaur exhibits: in two groups – as children and dinosaurs.

The dinosaurs move their eyes: in two groups – as children and dinosaurs.

The Pterodactyl smashes out of its case: pairs – flying as the Pterodactyl.

Tyrannosaurus Rex comes to life: groups of four – make a moving skeleton.

All the dinosaurs wake up: in two groups – moving as children and dinosaurs.

Cool down: lie down and take deep breathes.

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