Dinosaurs. 1: Mary Anning

The first session of the unit is about Mary Anning - the famous Victorian finder of dinosaur skeletons.

1. Mary Anning

Diane Louise Jordan begins a three-part unit of dance sessions exploring the theme of dinosaurs. Today she finds out about Mary Anning, who has been described as the greatest fossil-hunter who ever lived. Children work together to make dance sequences which show Mary exploring the beach and the fossils that she uncovered. Then they work in pairs to bring these fossils to life.


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Teacher's Notes
Complete dance music sequence (refer to the Teacher's Notes for the elements of the dance included).

Lesson summary

Warm up: skipping, then freezing into stretched and curved shapes.

Making the waves: dipping and rising on the spot, then stepping backwards and forwards.

Searching the beach: pairs – taking wobbly steps, crouching down to search.

The waves wash up fossils: pairs – dipping and rising as the waves, freezing into an ammonite and shark’s tooth shape.

An amazing discovery: stepping towards the cliff, freezing in amazement.

Uncovering the fossil: tapping the fossil.

The Ichthyosaur swims through the ocean: pairs – freezing as fossil, dipping and rising as Ichthyosaur.

Flying back through time: pairs – putting together waves, fossil and Ichthyosaur sequence.

Cool down: stretching and bending arms and legs.

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