Changing weather. 2: Autumn dance

In the second session the children put the elements together to crate an autumn dance.

2. Autumn dance

In the second session the emphasis is on working in groups of four (returning to the groups from last time) and also on dance composition by selecting elements for the group’s dance. Various elements worked on last time return in this session, but children have some control over how to use them.


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Teacher's Notes

Lesson summary

Warm up: slow motion walking from last time but in groups.

Travelling in lines: groups create two lines and repeat the movements three times, deciding which direction to move in.

Dripping rain - groups: children stay in the two lines and revisit some of the dripping rain moves that were danced in pairs last time.

Circles and spirals: children return to their four group circles: two groups circle the others, while those not travelling make the spiralling movements - then swap and repeat.

Autumn dance: the elements of Travelling in two lines, Dripping rain and Circles and spirals are put together with the music to create the Autumn dance.

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