Changing weather. 1: Wind, rain, sunshine and falling leaves

The first of two sessions marking the transition from summer to autumn.

1. Wind, rain, sunshine and falling leaves

Diane Louise Jordan has the first of two dance sessions exploring changes to the weather and the summer gives way to autumn.


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Teacher's Notes

Lesson summary

Warm up: travelling steps in slow motion as if walking against the wind.

Travelling in unison: repeating the travelling steps in pairs, moving in unison.

Dripping rain: children sit opposite their partner; they begin by clapping out the rhythm of the dripping rain; then one person claps and dances around the other, who reaches upwards, covers their head and crouches to find shelter from the rain.

Autumn leaves: class divided as four groups standing in circles; children clasp their hands together and make circular patterns at contrasting levels - high, medium and low.

Autumn leaves travelling: each group, identified by colour, travels around another group and back to original place in sequence.

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