African waterhole. 1: Giraffes, zebras and impala

The first of three dance sessions about the animals gathered to drink at a waterhole in the African bush.

1. Giraffes, zebras and impala

This unit of three sessions imagines life at a typical waterhole in the African bush as animals come and go to drink and wash...and engage in the daily battle for survival. The emphasis is on animal shapes and simple travelling sequences.


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Teacher's Notes

Lesson summary

Warm up: controlled stretches.

Giraffes: arm above head to create neck and head; travelling with straight legs.

Giraffes drinking: legs out to either side and tilt upper body forward to drink.

Giraffes moving and drinking: combining both movement elements.

Zebras: travelling with high knees to create zebra trot.

Impala: travelling in pairs, co-ordinating pathways and jumps.

Herd animals: in groups, moving in sequence as each of the animals.

Cool down: relaxing down on the floor.

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