African waterhole. 2: Lions and vultures

Diane Louise Jordan has another dance session about the animals gathered at a waterhole in the African bush.

2. Lions and vultures

This unit of three sessions imagines life at a typical waterhole in the African bush as animals come and go to drink and wash...and engage in the daily battle for survival. The emphasis is on animal shapes and simple travelling sequences.


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Teacher's Notes

Lesson summary

Warm up: controlled stretches.

Giraffes moving and drinking: combining both movement elements from previous programme.

Zebras: travelling with high knees to create zebra trot from previous programme.

Lions: crouched on all fours, arched back, sliding hands forward.

Lions travelling: upright, travelling with slow stealthy steps.

Lions sequence: contrasting movement and stasis.

Cool down – vultures: slow travelling with outstretched arms.

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