Wood in the wood! 1: The woodland comes to life

Justing Fletcher has the first of two dance sessions inspired by 'wood'.

1. The woodland comes to life

The children explore the woodland spaces, ducking and climbing around obstacles, then forming groups to link up into slow, smooth, log-and-fungus shapes. And as minibeasts, they discover how to scuttle and scurry with six, eight or more legs! Then to look after and ‘manage’ the woodlands, children explore chopping, cutting and sawing movements for coppicing actions (with some health and safety tips).


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Teacher's Notes

Lesson summary:

Warm up: woodland stretches, like tall trees reaching up to the sunlight.

Walking through the wood: exploring spaces with curvy and zigzag pathways.

Old log and fungus: linking hands, arms and feet to make a log-and-fungus shape.

Minibeast scuttle: travelling quickly in varied pathways.

Tree sway: swaying and shaking movements ‘in unison’ (altogether).

Bird flight: bird movements combined with swaying treetops.

Woodland tools: chopping, cutting and sawing actions for ‘coppicing’.

Cool down: lying down to listen to springtime woodland sounds.

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