Wood in the wood! 2: Making things with wood

Justin Fletcher's dances explore things that can be made from wood.

2. Making things with wood

In the second dance session of this woodland unit the children develop work-actions for making furniture, toys and puppets. Then, in pairs as puppets and musicians, they practise three dances - with a wooden flute (slow and elegant), with a guitar (flamenco-dancer) and with a fiddle (inventing their own lively foot-patterns), each puppet ‘accompanied’ by the musical-instrument actions.


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Teacher's Notes

Lesson summary:

Warm up: woodland stretches.

Making things from wood: woodwork actions for using tools.

String puppets: wooden string-puppet movements.

Flute dance: wooden-flute actions and graceful twirling.

Flamenco dance: flamenco-guitar and dance actions, with foot-stamps and turns.

Fiddle dance: fiddle/violin actions plus hops and kicks in own, lively pattern.

Night time cool down: take deep breaths and close eyes...

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