Unit 3: Alfred the Great. Assessing and reflecting.

Unit 3 focuses on the history topic 'The Anglo-Saxons' - specifically the life of Alfred the Great. Dance expert Claire Pring works with a mixed group of Year 3 / 4 pupils and their teacher, to create a dance exploring some key factors of Alfred's reign: his escape from the Vikings across the marshlands of Wessex and his building of fortresses known as 'burhs'.

Unit 3 is also concerned with the final dance phase of assessing and reflecting.

Go to the Teachers' Notes for full details of how to use the CPD film (for teachers) and the Dance Challenge and Final Performance films below (for teachers and pupils).

Alfred the Great - CPD film for teachers

Claire Pring joins a group of Year 3 / 4 and their teacher, to work on their dance about some key events from the reign of Alfred the Great.

Alfred the Great - Dance Challenge

Year 3 / 4 pupils working in two groups compete with each other to create their own dances about the reign of Alfred the Great. Experts Laura Nicholson and Claire Pring will decide at the end who are the star performers.

Alfred the Great - Final Performance

Year 3 / 4 pupils perform their final dance inspired by the reign of Alfred the Great.


Teachers' Notes for Step-by-Step: Dance 7 - 11
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Unit 3: Alfred the Great - Slideshow

Dance frameworks for Unit 3: 'Alfred the Great'

Use the frameworks to extend the dance experience beyond Alfred the Great to a more comprehensive study of the Anglo-Saxon era as a whole.

Framework: Why did the Anglo-Saxons come to Britain?
Framework: Who were the Anglo-Saxons?
Framework: What were Anglo-Saxon beliefs?
Framework: Who was Alfred the Great?
Framework: Why did the Anglo-Saxon dynasty end?
Blank framework template

Click here for the completed Framework template - a guide to creating your own.

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