2nd level: STEM

Scotland’s Wildlife



Teamwork, prototypes and selling your idea

What does it take to turn your idea for a digital invention into a success? Martel Maxwell meets young inventors and visits a business conference where digital creatives, investors and advisors come together to chat and explore opportunities to work together. She finds out why teams are more likely to be successful than individuals, and why a prototype is essential.

Apps, Games and Monsters

Martel Maxwell is on a quest to find out about the world of digital technology. It's all around us, but what does it take to create something new? And do you need to be good at coding?

As she discovers, some of the best digital products came from very simple ideas, but they're successful because they solved a problem for someone. She meets an inventor who's created a piece of software that can turn the human voice into the sound of all sorts of monsters and animals, and tries out a device that can turn a phone into a portable, inexpensive, microscope.

Finally, Martel tries building a video game from scratch. With no previous experience or coding skills, she's apprehensive. But as she discovers, it's still possible to be creative in the digital world. What it takes is good ideas — and having fun.

How Dangerous is your Garden?

Dick and Dom head out into a rainy garden with their helpers to find out about the science of soil and plants. Their first investigation involves worm-charming - testing two techniques known to bring worms to the surface of the soil. Other experiments explore how plants get water from the soil, and the best germination conditions for growing a healthy box of cress.

How Dangerous is your School?

Dick and Dom call in on teachers and pupils at school assembly to investigate the science of noise. After lunch, they head to the gymnasium to discover what happens when we exercise, and how muscles work.

Stargazing: Stars and Constellations

Can two children born on the Moon ever make the journey to Earth? A School Day on the Moon was written by David Macphail and read by Lorn Macdonald.

Kayla has been to a fancy-dress party, but when her dad drives her home they get lost. Might Kayla's knowledge of the night sky help them? Finding Home was written by Janis MacKay and read by Lucy Goldie.