1st level: Health and wellbeing — My Story

Life as an actor in Bollywood movies

Suhanna and her brother Aazaan talk to their daddy Raj about his life as an actor in Bollywood movies.

Life as a singer on Shetland

Cameron talks to her Granny Freda to find out all about her life as a singer on Shetland.

She hears some of the songs Granny Freda used to sing as a girl in her playground, and finds out how she taught herself to play the guitar. She now sings in a band, and when Cameron comes to visit, they have fun singing a Shetland song together and talk about what the some of the unusual words in the song mean.

A steel pans player

Reiss talks to his daddy Norman, who plays the steel pans.

The footballer

Cousins Murdo and Ross and their sisters visit their grandad Papa Murdo to hear all about his childhood growing up in Helensburgh, and how his talent for football led to him to become a professional footballer.

The children hear about his adventures playing for a German club, and how his daughters – their mums – moved there with him, going to a local school and learning to speak German.

Life as a Beefeater at the Tower of London

Leah has fun visiting her grandad Alan and finding out all about his life as a Beefeater at the Tower of London.

Geraldine the chef

Illani and Samorra visit their grandmother Geraldine in Cardiff, and hear all about her early childhood.

Geraldine has loved cooking all her life, and today she helps the girls bake a rainbow cake.

She describes how things were different when she was young, and she tells the story of how her father first came to Britain as a stowaway on a boat from the Caribbean.

What it’s like in the Brownies and the Guides

Twins Gregor and Aran find out all about their mummy's time in the Brownies and the Guides.

Growing up on a family farm

Joe visits his grandad Stoker to find out what life was like for him growing up on the family farm.

He hears about all the jobs that had to be done on the farm, including the worst one of all: clearing out a week’s worth of droppings in the henhouse every Saturday.

Life as a ballroom dancer

Darcy finds out all about her daddy Stephen’s life as a ballroom dancer before she was born.

He explains how he started dancing as a boy and used to watch a TV programme called ‘Come Dancing’. Darcy helps him to clean his dancing trophies to keep them sparkling, and she hears all about the competitions and shows that he and her mummy have performed in.

Life as a sailor, travelling all over the world

Emily goes to visit her Grandad Jim in Aberdeen.

She hears about his life as a sailor travelling all over the world, what it was like to live onboard a boat. She finds out about some of the places he visited, and about the jobs he had to do onboard, including some very messy ones!