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Iesa’s new life in the countryside

In this programme we meet Iesa (above) who lives on a farm in Scotland, and speaks both Urdu and English. We’ll also hear again from Salahuddin, the boy we met in the last programme, whose two languages are English and Arabic. By the end of the programme, you might be able to speak at least a few words in ALL these three languages!

  1. Iesa is one of the millions of people around the world who speak Urdu. Iesa’s parents are both from Pakistan, but he and his family all live in Scotland now, and have just moved from the city to the peace and quiet of the countryside. We’ll learn about Iesa’s love of science and doing experiments … sometimes in the family kitchen! And we’ll also hear how to count from 1 to 10 in Urdu.
  2. Syrian-born Salahuddin speaks English at school on Monday to Friday, then on Saturdays he goes to another school where he speaks Arabic. It’s important to him to be able to speak both languages because he has lots of relatives living in Jordan who talk in Arabic, and he wants to be able to chat them when he visits them. Do you think you might be able to spot what some Arabic words mean? Salahuddin’s got a quiz for you ...
  3. Iesa’s back … and this time we find out about his love of sleepovers, beatboxing and shopping. In the market, he goes in search of his favourite Pakistani food “gol guppay”. When he’s not able to find any, he cooks some at home instead. Listen for the sizzle!

Presented by Ruth Chalmers

Sophie and Salahuddin

Meet Sophie and Salahuddin. They’re both bilingual – they speak English, but Sophie also speaks Mandarin, and Salahuddin speaks Arabic.

In these three editions of 'Welcome to My World', we’ll spend time with Sophie and Salahuddin and their families. We’ll find out what it’s like to live in two cultures at once, and we’ll learn a few words in Mandarin and Arabic.

  1. We visit Sophie at home, and learn about her love of trampolining and smoothies! She teaches us a few of her favourite Mandarin words, and invites us to dinner in a Chinese restaurant with her family.
  2. Salahuddin introduces us to his family and we learn how they switch from Arabic to English with ease. Salahuddin has a very busy week dashing from one activity to the next, going to school and music club, and even attending a school on Saturday.
  3. As we’ve heard, Sophie loves jumping on her trampoline and using her circus skills, so she’s very excited to visit the Chinese State Circus in Aberdeen. Speaking Mandarin comes in very handy when she interviews one of the performers after the show.

Presented by Ruth Chalmers

Alec and Jyotpreet

Alec and Jyotpreet are Scottish children who speak both English and another language.

In these three editions of 'Welcome to My World', we get to drop in on their lives. They describe what it's like to be bilingual - and we'll learn a few words.

  1. We join Alec as he teaches his dad to speak Gaelic, and introduces us to some of his favourite Gaelic words. His mum tells us why she thinks it's important to speak Gaelic.
  2. Alec takes us around the annual Fèis in South Uist where Gaelic-speaking children gather to take part in activities like singing, drama and playing musical instruments. Afterwards there's time for a quick dip in the sea at Eriskay.
  3. Jyotpreet speaks Punjabi and English. She tells us how speaking two languages can be very useful, and we join her as she takes part in the Nagar Kirtan procession in Glasgow.

Presented by Ruth Chalmers