2nd level: History — Making the Commonwealth Games

Crossing the finishing line

Iain Stirling finds out what it's like to win gold at the Commonwealth Games, and hears from the designer of the Glasgow 2014 medals.

Sport psychologist Kris Dun explains how she works with athletes and teams to help them focus and control their nerves when they need to perform at their best. She also shares an easy relaxation technique that could help anyone - not just top sportspeople - face a stressful situation. The series ends with a look at how the Glasgow Games will benefit the city and Scotland as a whole once the 11 days of sport are over.

Drug testing, nutrition and volunteers

With seven positive drugs tests recorded at the 2010 Commonwealth Games, the organisers are on alert for any attempts at cheating at Glasgow 2014. Iain Stirling finds out how the testing process works and what it's like for the competitors who have to go through it.

Healthy eating is important for everyone, and athletes take it very seriously as it can affect both their training and their performance. Nutritionist Nairn Scobie explains the basics of good diet, and how each sport makes its own demands on the body in terms of energy, weight control and muscle repair. There are tips for the rest of us too, and an unusual fact about beetroot juice.

And finally, get your shoes off for another Commonwealth maths puzzle. This one's about clothing.

Behind the scenes preparations

Iain Stirling finds out what it takes to make sure the Glasgow's sporting venues are in world class condition ready to welcome thousands of athletes in July.

Gold medal hopefuls, squash player Frania Gillen-Buchert, and hurdler Jehue Gordon describe their early careers in sport and their hopes for the Games. This week's maths challenge concerns sports equipment - can you work out exactly how many rugby balls will be needed for the whole competition?

Plus BBC Scotland's Jane Lewis drops in with her insider guide to two other sports: boxing and gymnastics.

The world gets ready for Glasgow 2014

Iain Stirling joins athletes and organisers on the starting blocks for Glasgow 2014. This week's programme features the Queen's Baton Relay, what it's like to be part of Team Scotland, and a sneak preview of the athletes' village.

BBC Scotland's Jane Lewis drops in with her spectators' guide to two Games' events, athletics and swimming. And then there's the maths. Mathematical calculations are the hidden force making sure everything happens exactly how it needs to during the 11 days of the Games. Iain's got a challenge for you – so pencils at the ready!

Glasgow 2014... the people, the places