1st level: Health and wellbeing — My Pet and Me


Logan has been looking after three lambs on his farm in the Borders.


Ameya and her brother Rajan have three chickens, Snowy, Starlight and Speckledy.

The children explain how they look after the chickens, feeding and watering them and letting them out for a walk and a scratch around in the garden every day. We hear how the chickens have to be kept inside the henhouse at night to stay safe and warm, and out of any danger of foxes.

Back indoors, Ameya and Rajan demonstrate how chickens cluck — feel free to join in!

The children cook scrambled eggs and cheesy toast using eggs collected from the chickens, after washing their hands of course.

Champy the pony

Abbi shows us how she looks after her beautiful pony Champy, and Rob the farrier comes to the farm to give him new shoes.

We join Abbi and her mum as they get Champy's breakfast ready, and afterwards, Abbi gets on her protective clothing and goes for a ride out into a nearby field, with her mum leading Champy and her little brother Dougie walking alongside. On the ride Abbi and Dougie have fun making pony noises — you can join in too!

When they return to the farm, Rob the farrier has arrived to give Champy his new shoes. He explains why it's important that horses' and ponies' feet have horseshoes to protect them, and we hear how he prepares the new horseshoes and nails them on. Champy doesn't mind, it doesn't hurt his feet, and he's used to it. And Abbi's happy because Rob gives her one of the old horseshoes to keep.

Candy the Dog

Triplets Eilidh, Aeva and Morna tell us all about their dog Candy. Candy is a 1-year old Bichon Frise dog with white fur and a curly tail! The girls explain how they look after her and play with her, and we join them as they take her for a walk in the woods nearby.

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