2nd level: History

Scotland’s Home Front

An audio drama about the impact of the Clydebank Blitz on a family during World War Two.

School and Holidays

The changing face of childhood in Scotland is explored through earlier generations' memories of school and holidays, sparked by the five senses.

Home and Shopping

Sights, sounds and other memories of Scottish childhood are recalled by older generations, sparked by the five senses.

The Romans in Scotland

Chef Nick Nairn visits Roman remains in Scotland and finds out about the food that was cooked and eaten at this time in history.

Digging for Bannockburn

Nobody knows exactly where the Battle of Bannockburn took place. As the 700th anniversary of the battle approaches, the Bannockburn Big Dig has been under way to excavate the local area in the hope of finding clues. Archaeologist Tony Pollard joins volunteers and professionals on the dig, and finds out how they're getting on.

Archaeology for Beginners

Do you know what an "artefact" is? What about a "trowel"? Tony Pollard explains the basics of archaeology, and reveals how objects found buried in the ground have helped historians work out what life was like in Scotland in the past.

Digging for Research

Duddingston Primary learn how to do research at Portobello Library and discover WW1 food.

Behind the Scenes

Duddingston Primary pupils learn how Portobello High School tracked WW1 soldiers' lives.

Making the Commonwealth Games