1st level: Health and wellbeing — Welcome to My World

Sophie and Iesa

Let's visit the Chinese circus with Sophie, and meet Iesa on his farm in Scotland.

Salahuddin and Sophie

Two children who live in Scotland and speak two languages.

Maja and Jyotpreet

Maja speaks Polish and English, and Jyotpreet is from a Sikh family and speaks English and Punjabi. The girls describe what it's like to be bilingual, and if you're new to Polish or Punjabi, you'll learn a few new words and phrases too.

Each edition is approximately 5 minutes long.

  1. For many Polish families, Easter is a big celebration. Maja describes how she and her mum bring a basket of painted eggs to church before Easter Sunday, and how the day itself begins with a hunt around her house, looking for any gifts the Easter Bunny might have brought.
  2. Jyotpreet’s family are Indian, and they speak Punjabi at home. At school, she has lots of friends who also speak two different languages, but they have to speak English together as that’s the one language they all have in common. We’ll listen in as she chats to her family, and even if you don’t speak Punjabi, you migh be able to understand one of Jyotpreet's conversations with her mum if you listen carefully.
  3. Every year the Sikh community in Glasgow go on a big procession through the city called Nagar Keertan. Jyotpreet describes how she prepares for this, and she describes what she can see and hear as she takes part in the 4-mile walk – which includes prayers, lots of food and a bouncy castle!

Presented by Ruth Chalmers

Alec and Maja

Alec and Maja are Scottish children who speak both English and another language.

In these three editions of 'Welcome to My World', presenter Ruth Chalmers talks to Alec and Maya and meets their families and friends. Alec and Maja describe what it's like to be bilingual – understanding and speaking two different languages with the people around them. And if you don’t speak Gaelic or Polish yourself, you might learn a few new words and phrases …

Each edition is approximately 5 minutes long.

  1. We join Alec from Glasgow as he teaches his dad to speak Gaelic, and introduces us some of his favourite Gaelic words. His mum tells us why she thinks it's important to speak Gaelic.
  2. Alec takes us around the annual Fèis in South Uist where Gaelic-speaking children gather to take part in activities like singing, drama and playing musical instruments. Afterwards there's time for a quick dip in the sea at Eriskay.
  3. Maja’s family live here in Scotland but her family come from Poland and she mainly speaks Polish with at home and English at school. We join Maja at her guitar lesson, with her teacher Peter, who also speaks Polish. Maja explains why she enjoys being able to speak two languages, and gives us a quick lesson in Polish.

Presented by Ruth Chalmers