2nd level: Music

Moving with the Times

From the Beatles to John Cage, this programme explores music that was ground breaking in its day and we find out how musicians are influenced by the music that's all around them. Sister Rosetta Tharpe mixed gospel up with blues and jazz and influenced many other musicians like Jackie Wilson. We find out how musicians cover old songs in their own style and use sampling in their music. As music travels around the world, a song that is familiar to one musician sounds new and exciting to another. We have always shared music and a good tune can travel fast!

Featured artists include Alasdair Roberts, Jeff Buckley, Leonard Cohen, DJ Shadow, Celia Cruz, Lord Kitchener and Panjabi MC.

Getting the Message

This programme explores how music affects our emotions and how it is used in TV programmes, films, games and adverts. What message is behind the music? We find out why the Simpsons theme tune suits the programme and why Star Wars' Imperial March is perfect for Darth Vader. But what would happen if those themes were swapped? We explore how advertisers choose music to sell products and why music is so important in game play.

Featured artists include Beyoncé, The Specials, BMX Bandits, The Ramones and Django Rheinhardt.

Call to Action

Music can motivate in lots of different ways. In this programme, we find out why people like prisoners in the American south and weavers in the Hebrides sang to keep themselves motivated at work. And we find out how music has been used as a motivational tool by political protesters in Scotland and around the world.

Featured artists include the Glasgow Song Guild, Bob Marley, The Clash, Public Enemy, Marvin Gaye and Nina Simone.


From Jimi Hendrix's wild electric guitar to Boards of Canada's cool electronic sounds, this programme explores the range of instruments used by musicians from all over the world to make music.


Singing, whistling, humming and screaming – this programme explores the weird and wonderful sounds we can make with our voices. Featured artists include Maria Callas, Mongolian throat singers Huun Huur Tu and dubstep stars Skrillex.