1st level: Music

How musicians are influenced by the music that's all around them

In this programme, we look at ground breaking musicians and find out how musicians are influenced by the music that’s all around them.

Some musicians take an old song and make a new version of it in their own style. One of the great things about people coming to a new country is they bring their own styles of music with them. We explore how musicians mix different types of music together to make new types of music.

Featured artists include The Beatles, John Cage, Village People, The Minions, Perez Prado, Lou Vega, Celia Cruz and Panjabi MC.

How music is used in television programmes, films, adverts and video games

This programme explores how music is used in television programmes, films, adverts and video games.

The Simpsons theme tune is just right for the programme and Darth Vader's theme tune in Star Wars is perfect for his character. We find out why adverts include music to get our attention and why music is so important in games.

Featured artists include Beyoncé, The Specials, The Ramones and AC/DC.

How music has been used to motivate at work and how it affects our emotions

Music can motivate us at work and can make us feel different emotions.

This programme explores how workers in the olden days used singing to help them with their tasks. We find out how different types of music can motivate us to get busy, go to sleep and feel happy.

Featured artists include Paul Robeson, Tchaikovsky, Madness, the Proclaimers and ELO.

The music that makes us want to dance

This programme is all about music that makes us want to dance.

From ballet to Bollywood, Samba to South Korean K Pop, we explore music from all over the world that gets us up on our feet. And it's not just all about music for dance routines, there are tunes for freestyling moves too!

Featuring music from PSY, Tchaikovsky and Pharrell Williams.

The range of instruments used by musicians

Guitars, sitars, drums and didgeridoos are just a few of the instruments featured in this programme which explores all kinds of music from all over the world. Featured artists include Judas Priest, Ivor Cutler and Boards of Canada.

Presented by Fiona Wood

The amazing sounds made with the voice

The original musical instrument – the voice! This programme explores the incredible range of sounds created by the human voice including whistling, screaming, beatboxing and even Mongolian throat singing! Featured artists include Maria Callas, Beardyman and Daft Punk.

Presented by Fiona Wood