1st level: STEM — Exploring Planet Earth… and beyond!

What is a volcano?

Cbeebies’ super-scientist answers Mya and Maddison’s question, ‘What is a volcano?’, with the help of a melon, a candle and a trip to a famous Edinburgh landmark.

How are waterfalls made?

Nina helps her experimenters Robert and Zak discover the answer to their question, ‘How are waterfalls made?’, with the help of some rocks and a trip to a country park.

How do space rockets work?

Nina and her experimenters investigate the science involved in sending rockets into space, with the help of a balloon, a hairdryer and a trip to a firework display.

How do we know about dinosaurs?

CBeebies’ super-scientist Nina answers Connor and Brandon’s question, ‘How do we know about dinosaurs?’ with the help of a fossil and a trip to a museum.