1st level: Modern languages


An introduction to Spanish, presented by Eoghan Macdonald.

In this programme we hear about the world famous Spanish football teams, Barcelona and Real Madrid. We are also given a taste of the country's other official languages - Basque, Catalan and Galician.


An introduction to Italian. In this programme, presenter Eoghan Macdonald meets Italians who live in Scotland, and hears a little about their culture — especially their great love of food and cooking.


An introduction to German, presented by Eoghan Macdonald. The young listener is familiarised with simple German words and phrases. In this episode we meet school pupils taking part in a worldwide ‘adventure’ project that promotes German language and culture.


An introduction to words and phrases in Scottish Gaelic, presented by Eoghan Macdonald. The programme visits The Royal National Mod, an annual festival for music, poetry and song. Chatterbox demonstrates non-English languages in an entertaining way, and familiarises the young listener with useful words and simple phrases.


We meet members of the Chinese community in Scotland, as well as children learning Mandarin and hear about traditions and celebrations associated with the Chinese New Year.


Festivals, celebrations and family life are featured. We meet French children living in Scotland and find out about traditional celebrations, including Bastille Day on 14 July.