Ready, steady ... Caterpillar!

Let's go Wild!

There are six categories, with maths problems in each one appropriate to children at approximately P5 level, bearing in mind they will learn new skills throughout the year. Each child learns at their own pace of course, so it may be suitable for other age groups too - and can be used as revision for older children (or even adults!)

How to play the quizzes:

  1. Grab a pencil and paper - if you want to write your answers down

  2. Listen to the questions

  3. Listen to the answers

... and if you'd like to see everything written down, click on the Quiz Pdfs.

NB: Units of measurement Within the quizzes there are references to both metric and imperial measurements. This may feel old-fashioned if you're used to just metric, but the questions have been written so that they will also meet outcomes for Developing the Young Workforce within the curriculum.

Good luck to all quizzers!

Caterpillar Level: Mammals
Caterpillar Level: Plants
Caterpillar Level: Birds
Caterpillar Level: Insects
Caterpillar Level: Underwater
Caterpillar Level: Weather