Tiddalik the Frog - Part Two

Adapted by Kate Stonham

There was no water anywhere and the land had become a desert: all was dry and dusty; the grass faded, the plants wilted.

‘The animals are so thirsty,’ said Kangaroo.

‘All because of Tiddalik!’ said Koala.

‘What are we going to do?’ sighed Kookaburra.

‘I have an idea,’ said Koala. ‘Let’s go to see Wombat!’

Wombat was a wise old creature, who they found lying in the shade of a tree in the forest.

‘I have heard what Tiddalik has done. I too am very thirsty,’ he said.

‘But what we can do?’ asked Kookaburra.

‘Well now... If we're to get the water back, we’ll need get it out of Tiddalik’s belly,’ said Wombat.

‘But how can we do that?!’ asked Koala.

‘Well...by making him laugh...that should do it,’ replied Wombat. ‘Here’s what we’ll do. We’ll put on a show for him - a Funny Show! Yes. We'll make Tiddalik laugh. We’ll make him laugh so much all the water in his belly will come rushing back out again.’

‘I’ll tell Tiddalik one of my jokes,’ said Kookaburra, getting excited.

‘I’ll challenge him to a boxing match,’ said Kangaroo.

‘And I’ll make Tiddalik laugh by pulling my funny faces,’ said Koala.

‘All very good ideas,’ said Wombat. ‘Now we just need to send Tiddalik an invitation.’

The Funny Show was planned for that very evening, to be held by the dried-up stream where Tiddalik lived.

‘What’s this?’ croaked Tiddalik, when he received his invitation. ‘Why am I being invited to a funny show? I don’t find anything funny! But I’m bored. I suppose I may as well go.’

It was time for the show to begin.

‘Gather round everyone,’ cried Wombat. ‘Welcome to the Funny Show!’

First to perform was Kookaburra with her joke. ‘Where do frogs keep their lunch boxes in school?’ she asked.

Tiddalik shook his head. ‘I don’t know. Where?’

‘In the croak room!’ cried Kookaburra...and started laughing.

‘Not funny!’ said Tiddalik. ‘Next!’

Second was Kangaroo. ‘Tiddalik, I challenge you to a boxing match! The winner gets a bottle of water as a prize!’ she cried.

‘Boring!’ said Tiddalik. ‘Next!’

Then it was Koala’s turn. The little animal squeezed his furry face into all kinds of funny expressions - but none of them made Tiddalik laugh.

‘Is that it?’ Tiddalik croaked, as Koala gave up. ‘Is that the best you can do?’

‘Let meeeeee have a go,’ came a hissing voice. It was Snake. ‘I will dance for Tiddalik,’ she hissed.

Snake whirled and twirled, she twisted and turned - but still Tiddalik didn’t laugh.

Faster and faster Snake twirled, twisted and turned - until she danced so fast that she twisted herself into a great, big knot.

‘Oh dear,’ hissed Snake. ‘Thisssss will never do!’

Snake tried to untie herself, but she just made things worse...

‘Asisssstanccccce pleaesssssse...’ begged Snake.

Kookaburra, Kangaroo and Koala were just about to untie Snake when they heard a great rumbling sound...

It was coming from Tiddalik. His enormous belly was shaking! His great big mouth was opening!

‘Snake...tied in a knot..! I’ve never seen anything so... Ha ha ha, ho ho ho!’

Tiddalik was laughing!

And then came the water! Out of Tiddalik’s mouth it all poured...the stream...the river...and the billabong...out it all poured in a great gush and back to where it belonged.

‘Hurrah!’ cried the animals as the land came back to life.

‘Oh my, that was funny,’ laughed Tiddalik. ‘I haven't enjoyed myself so much for years. Why, I’ve enjoyed myself so much, I promise you, I shall never drink all the water ever again!’

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