The Town Mouse and the Country Mouse

One warm and sunny morning, Country Mouse looked out over the peaceful, green fields and wondered what lay beyond them. In the distance he could see a town and rising up in to the sky was a clock tower.

'I wonder what life is like there?' thought Country Mouse.

Meanwhile, Town Mouse was sat admiring the view from that very clock tower. She could see the trees and the lush, green grass.

'I wonder what it’s like living there?' thought Town Mouse as she finished off a delicious piece of cheese.

Later that day both mice decided it was time to head to the fields to play. Town mouse scurried while Country Mouse skipped. Country Mouse jumped while Town Mouse dodged.

'Hello!' said Country Mouse.

'Hi!' replied Town Mouse. 'Where are you from?'

'I live in a little hay barn just over there. What about you?'

'I live in that clock tower,' said Town Mouse.

Both mice looked past each other towards the home of their new friend.

'Would you like to come to my house for something to eat?' asked Country Mouse.

“I would love to!' replied Town Mouse.

'Great! Catch me if you can!' called Country Mouse and off he ran.

When they arrived at Country Mouse’s hay barn, they went in through a tiny hole by the back door. Inside there was dried fruit and nuts. Country Mouse began to gather what he could and ate a little of this and a little of that, washing it all down with a few slurps of water from a puddle in the corner. Town Mouse was grateful and ate what she could find but this was not the sort of feast she had in mind.

After they had eaten they lay down on the soft hay that filled the barn. Country Mouse felt very comfortable but Town Mouse couldn’t help but miss the comfort of her fine home and she went to sleep dreaming of a belly full of food.

Suddenly, Town Mouse woke up to a strange sound getting louder and louder.

'Moo! Moo!' it went, and the barn began to shake. Country Mouse didn’t move but Town Mouse felt afraid.

'It’s just the cows coming in to be milked. Don’t worry!' said Country Mouse sleepily.

The next morning the two little mice woke up early and Town Mouse offered to show Country Mouse her home. They set off straight away and soon reached the edge of the town.

There Country Mouse saw things he had never seen before and heard things he had never heard before.

There were huge machines moving faster than any mouse could run. 'Beep, Beep!’ said one. 'Hoooooonk!' said another.

There were people everywhere. Talking, shouting and laughing. It was all so busy and so loud.

'Nearly there!' yelled Town Mouse above the din.

'Thank goodness!' thought Country Mouse, who was struggling to keep up.

The huge doors of the clock tower were open and the two mice entered to the echo of voices and laughter. The smell of food filled the air and both mice were suddenly very hungry.

They climbed on top of a table filled with the most delicious food: cheeses of all different flavours, fresh bread, grapes, and all sorts of cakes and biscuits for pudding.

They ate and ate until they were both so full that they could barely move.

Suddenly the huge bell rang in the clock tower: 'DONG!'

Country mouse jumped up with a start. As quickly as he could, with a belly so full of food, he ran all the way down the stairs, out of the clock tower, and didn’t stop until he reached his hay barn.

Town Mouse watched her new friend running away and she wished she could have told him not to be scared. For she knew it was safe and the bell was only ringing to tell the time.

Town Mouse loved living in the tower. She felt happy to be home. As Country Mouse was happy too, back in the hay barn. He had loved the delicious food in the town but he would rather be here in the quiet countryside - with his nuts and seeds - than in the hustle and bustle back there, frightened.

Home was where both Mice were happiest...but they were very glad to have made a new friend.

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