It's pancake day! Splish, splash, splat!

Bang! Crash! Smash!

Lucy was looking for a saucepan in the kitchen. She was making a bit of a noise and a lot of mess.

'Lucy, what are you up to?' called her Mum.

'I’m looking for a pan. It’s pancake day. Come on Mum!'

Lucy’s Mum carefully took the pan out of the cupboard and asked Lucy to get a wooden spoon out of the draw.

Clang! Rattle! Ting!

Lucy rummaged around. 'Got it!'

Lucy’s Mum looked at all the spoons and cutlery now lying on the floor.

'Sorry!' said Lucy.

Next, Lucy wanted to get all the ingredients ready. She carried her wooden step over to the fridge, so that she could reach the handle. But as she pulled the handle she started to wobble. 'Wooooah!'

Luckily, Lucy’s Mum was there just in time to catch her as she nearly fell off her step.

'I think I’ll open the fridge,' said Lucy’s Mum.

Lucy felt the coldness on her cheeks and scrunched up her eyes from the fridge’s bright light.

'Ok then, chef,' said her Mum saluting like a soldier, 'What do we need?'

'First we need some milk.'

Lucy’s Mum put the plastic bottle of milk on the table.

'Thank you helper!' said Lucy with a cheeky grin.

Lucy looked at the milk and the spoon and then she looked at the table. Something important was missing.

'Oh no, we forgot the bowl!'

They both laughed and Mum went to get a big brown mixing bowl.

Splosh, splish, splash!

Lucy poured the milk into the bowl.

'Do you know what else we’ve forgotten?' asked her Mum. 'To wash our hands.'

'Oops!' said Lucy and they both went off to the bathroom to wash their hands.

But while they were out of the kitchen, Colin the cat was on the prowl looking for things to eat. He spotted the milk in the bowl and quick as a flash jumped quietly onto the kitchen table. He drank all of the milk in the bowl! When he heard Lucy and her Mum coming back, he jumped off the table again and hid under it, licking his paws and cleaning his whiskers.

'Oh no, Mummy,' said Lucy, puzzled. 'All the milk has gone!'

'How very strange,' said Mum. 'It’s ok. Luckily, we’ve got one more big bottle in the fridge...and I better wash the bowl just in case.'

Lucy's Mum washed the mixing bowl in hot, soapy water.

Next they added some flour, which puffed white dust all over Mum and Lucy, leaving their hair all dusty. Lucy thought this was very funny.

Then her Mum helped Lucy crack two eggs into the bowl.

'Now we mix all the ingredients together,' said Mum.

Whisk! Whizz! Splosh! went the mixture in the bowl.

It was time to cook the pancakes. Mum put some butter into the pan on the oven and lit it to make it hot. Lucy stood back and was very careful. Mum poured some of the mixture into the hot pan.

Lucy remembered the rhyme they had learnt at nursery as she watched the pancake cook:

'Mix a pancake Stir a pancake Pop it in the pan Pop it in the pan Fry the pancake Toss the pancake Catch it if you can Catch it if you can!'

'Time to flip it,' Mum said excitedly.

'Hooray!' shouted Lucy. It was favourite part of making pancakes.

Mum counted. '1, 2, 3 and...flip!“

Whoosh went the pancake. Up it went into the air and flipped over. But it didn’t land in the pan. It landed on the floor!

Colin the cat dashed out from underneath the table and ran straight for the fallen pancake.

'I think I know where the milk mysteriously disappeared to,' said Mum with a twinkle in her eye.

'Oh, Colin. I didn’t know cats liked pancake day too!' laughed Lucy.

Colin thoroughly enjoyed his pancake and sat up on his hind legs, licking his lips and cleaning his buttery paws.

'Well, Lucy,' said her Mum. ‘I think we’d better change the words to your rhyme.'

'What do you mean Mummy?'

'Mix a pancake! Stir a pancake! Splish, splosh, splat! Splish, splosh, splat! Fry the pancake! Toss the pancake! Give it to the cat! Give it to the cat!'

Lucy and her Mum couldn’t stop laughing. Colin sat on the kitchen floor. He purred happily.

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