'Nervous' Noah starts school

'Nervous' Noah starts school

by Jeff Capel

Dizzy Hello. I’m just back from a long walk in the park. My name’s Dizzy. I live with the Lucas family on Woodside Lane. I’m their favourite pet.

Rosie I don’t think so! Their favourite pet would be me. Hello everyone. I’m Rosie. I also live with the Lucas family on Woodside Lane. But unlike Dizzy, I can go for a walk whenever I like.

Dizzy Except she doesn’t walk very much. She sleeps most of the time.

Rosie And he runs around chasing his tail or a stick or a tennis ball. He makes everyone dizzy – that’s how he got his name!

Dizzy We’re good friends really aren’t we, Rosie?

Rosie Oh yes. We’re a very happy family. There’s Dad, Mr Lucas.

Dizzy And Mum, Mrs Lucas.

Rosie And there are the twins - Molly and Noah Lucas. They're seven.

Dizzy We used to call Noah 'Nervous Noah'.

Rosie You called him Nervous Noah. I think that’s a little unkind. Noah is just a bit...well...shy.

Dizzy We haven’t lived on Woodside Lane for very long. It’s a new home. We moved here over the summer from a different house in a different town a long way away. Mr Lucas had a new job.

Rosie So that meant for Molly and Noah, a new school too.

Dizzy Poor Noah. He came home from school on the first day and burst into tears. He said that none of the other children had spoken to him and at playtime no one invited him to join in with their games.

Rosie Oh dear, Noah was so sad that night. I curled up on his bed and he stroked me. Until he fell asleep.

Dizzy The next morning, Noah didn’t want to get up. Mum had to call him five times to come down for breakfast. Mum took him to school and I went too - on my lead of course. We met Noah's teacher at the gate. Miss Fuller's her name. She said the first day of term was always very busy but that today she had an idea to make Noah feel more welcome. She asked every child in Class 2F to tell Noah something interesting about themselves. Then Noah told each of them something about him.

Dizzy What a difference when Noah came home from school on his second day. There were no tears. Only smiles. He couldn’t stop talking. Molly didn’t get a word in as they tucked into shepherd’s pie and peas.

Dizzy Without dropping any under the table. Hmmm. I love scraps!

Rosie We always listen in on teatime conversations, don't we Dizzy? We learn so much!

Dizzy And no one in the family knows we understand! Ha! Ha!

Rosie Noah said he had been very nervous at first because he didn’t like all that attention. He had to sit at the front of the classroom facing everyone. He felt as though they were staring at him. As he was told things by the others he started to enjoy himself and discovered he had lots to say.

Dizzy So he learned that Maya’s favourite colour was green while his was purple. Jimi supported Manchester United while he supported Aston Villa. Elly had two guinea pigs and a rabbit while he had a very clever dog!

Rosie And a very pretty cat! Rageh liked fish fingers, he preferred sausages. Skye was learning to play the piano. Noah wants to learn saxophone.

Dizzy Everyone in the class had something to share. By the time morning play came around, Noah found himself the centre of attention for a very different reason. All his new friends wanted him to join their game.

Dizzy Noah loves his new school now. Friends come back for tea all the time. He’s definitely one of Class 2F now. Not such a 'Nervous Noah'.

Mrs Lucas Dizzy...Rosie...

Dizzy I think I can hear our tea, Rosie! Come on, race you! Bye everyone!

Rosie I let her win every day! You’ll hear another story about Noah and his school next time. Goodbye!

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