Nature Explorers

“Nature Explorers ready?” shouted Dad excitedly to Nassor and his twin sister Neema.

'Ready!' shouted the children.

It was a hot summer's day and the children were wearing shorts and t-shirts with lions and tigers on them and they had sandals on their feet. They both smelled of sun cream and wore their green sun hats. The children ran all the way to the park. The pavement was hot and people at the bus stop were wearing sunglasses.

They ran through the big black iron gates of the park. It was full of families laughing and playing games.

'Which way?' asked Dad.

'This way!'

Nassor and Neema ran straight for the paddling pool, which had opened up for the summer. Dad and the twins took off their sandals and splashed and jumped into the bright blue water.

'Nature Explorers ready?'

'Ready!' shouted the two children. They were wrapped up in warm coats, hats, gloves and wellies, all ready for an Autumn adventure to the park. Their hands and feet were toasty warm.

The three of them stomped outside onto the pavement which was covered in leaves of all different colours. Browns, oranges and reds. They kicked the leaves up in the air as they passed the bus stop.

At the black iron gates of the park, Dad said, 'Which way?'

'This way!' shouted Nassor and Neema. They ran off across the wet grass.

Mist hovered above the flower beds. There were acorns on the ground. The twins picked up handfuls of crunchy leaves and threw them up in the air. Whoosh!

Neema pointed to a spider’s web, covered in tiny drops of water. It looked like it was made of ice. It glistened in the autumn sun like glass. They filled their pockets with shiny conkers.

'Nature Explorers ready?' shouted Dad excitedly.

'Ready!' shouted Nassor and Neema. They were wrapped up in their snow suits, with scarves around their faces to keep them warm and had big snow boots on their feet. The children were ready for their winter adventure to the park. They all stomped out of the front door.

It had been snowing outside. The pavement was covered in a thick white blanket. The twins lifted up their feet and made huge footprints in the snow. The top of the bus stop had a thin covering, like icing on a cake, and the thick, black iron gates were coated in white too.

'Which way shall we go Nature Explorers?' said Dad.

'This way!' shouted the twins and they ran towards the duck pond.

The ducks were stood huddled up at the side of the water. It was so cold that the pond had frozen over with thick ice. One of the ducks was slipping and sliding on the ice like an ice skater. They laughed and watched their breath puff into the cold air.

'I’m a dragon! Rarrgh!' shouted Nassor.

They lay down in the snow and made snow angels, moving their arms and legs up and down. It was so much fun!

'Nature Explorers ready?' shouted Dad.

'Ready!' shouted the children.

The twins were wearing their dinosaur raincoats and bright yellow Wellingtons. They put up their hoods and tightened up the strings around their chins all ready for a Spring adventure in the park.

It was raining outside and the pavement was covered in puddles. Nassor and Neema stamped in them, seeing who could make the biggest splash.

At the bus stop people were waiting under umbrellas. They whizzed round the corner jumping in every puddle they could find and ran through the big, black iron gates of the park.

'Which way?' shouted Dad.

'This way!' and the twins ran in the direction of the pond.

Suddenly, it stopped raining and the sun came out. Nassor and Neema spotted some baby ducks swimming with their mother on the pond.

‘Look, Dad, ducklings!’

'Quack! Quack!' said the children and they pretended to waddle. Dad waddled too! They waddled all the way to the ice cream van that was parked by the big black iron gates.

As they ate their ice creams, Nassor and Neema thought about their park. It was a lovely place to be, whatever the season!

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