Baby brother

Evie was bored. She had been waiting an extremely long time. For months she had been watching her Mummy’s tummy getting bigger and bigger, rounder and rounder but still no baby brother had come along.

Evie marched up the stairs to her Mum’s bedroom where she was taking a well earned nap.

'Mummy?' said Evie, as she pushed open the door. 'I have waited long enough. Where is my baby brother? He should be here by now! I have organised all of my toys into the ones he can touch and the ones that he can’t touch. I have drawn him a picture of a boat and I have collected him three leaves and some stones from the park. So, where is he?'

Evie’s Mummy opened her eyes and smiled sweetly at her. 'Oh, Evie. I want to meet your brother just as much as you do.'

Suddenly, Evie’s Mummy felt a kick from her tummy. She beckoned Evie over to the bed, gently took her hand and placed it on her 'bump' - as she now called her tummy.

'I think he’s trying to say hello to you.'

Evie felt a little kick from the warm, soft bump. She giggled. Carefully, she put her face up to where her little brother had kicked and whispered, 'Hello, baby brother. I’m your big sister. Come and see me soon.'

The next morning, Evie kissed her Mummy’s bump goodbye. 'I’m going to nursery now so I hope you come out today. Bye bye, baby brother.'

Evie went off to nursery on her scooter with Daddy, waving at all her friends on the way. When she got there, she ran into Caterpillar Room and sat down in a circle with the other children to sing their Welcome song.

‘Welcome, Evie! Welcome, Evie! Let's have some fun! Have some fun!’

Evie did lots of painting. She painted a picture of her family for her baby brother and used bright colours: orange, red, blue and green.

She told her friends, 'He can kick really hard already and he’s very clever. He knew I was his sister. But he’s too snug and won’t come out just yet.'

At the end of nursery, Evie looked for her Daddy, who usually picked her up, but her Granny was there instead.

'We are going to the hospital,' Granny said with a big smile. 'Are you ready to meet your baby brother?'

Evie held on tightly to her picture all the way to the hospital. Her Mummy was in a special place called a 'ward'. It was full of beds, beeping machines and the noise of little babies.

They reached a side room and Evie knocked on the door. 'Come in!' It was her Mummy. Evie walked towards her shyly, holding Granny’s hand and her special picture.

'Evie, this is your baby brother, Tom. He wants to say hello.'

Evie walked up to the clear plastic cot that was next to the bed and peered in. Daddy picked her up so that she could have a closer look. Tom was wrapped up in a blanket with a little woolly hat on his head that Granny had knitted for him. He was so tiny. Evie reached in and put her finger in the cot. She felt his small, warm hand.

'Welcome, Tom! Welcome, Tom! Let'a have some fun! Have some fun!' sang Evie sweetly. 'That’s what we sing at my nursery. It’s very nice to meet you. I’ve painted you a picture.'

Evie placed the picture at the bottom of Tom’s cot. He wiggled his arms and made a little snuffly sound.

'I think he likes it,' said Evie happily.

On the way home in the car, Evie sat next to Tom in her car seat. She told him all the things she could see out of the window and stroked his face when he started to cry. When they got home, Tom was carried into the house and up the stairs.

Evie ran ahead and opened the door to his nursery. 'This is your room, Tom.'

'Would you like to hold him?' said her Daddy.

Evie sat in the rocking chair by the window and Dad placed Tom on her lap. She held onto him lovingly and smiled. She couldn’t wait to tell everyone in Caterpillar Room about him. From that moment, Evie decided that she was going to be the best big sister in the whole wide world.

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