A real good Samaritan

By Rob John

Morgan: Mr Barker? Mr Barker? Are you awake? Can you hear me?

Barker: Where am I?

Morgan: You’re in the Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Mr Barker.

Barker: Who are you?

Morgan: I’m WPC Morgan. From Central Police Station. The doctor said it’d be OK to ask you a few questions.

Barker: What questions?

Morgan: You’ve been quite badly hurt, Mr Barker. You’ve had some sort of accident and we’d like to find out what happened.

Barker: It wasn’t an accident.

Morgan: No? Then perhaps you’d like to tell me exactly what happened.

Barker: It’s all a bit of a blur. I can’t really...

Morgan: Take your time, Mr Barker.

Barker: I remember leaving my daughter’s house...

Morgan: Where’s that?

Barker: Priory Road.

Morgan: OK. Nice part of town.

Barker: Yes. It was getting late. My daughter said I should get a taxi but I wanted to walk. It was a cold...starting to snow...but I just felt like walking. You know? And I hadn’t gone far when a man came towards me and asked me the way to the station.

Morgan: What did he look like?

Barker: I don’t know. He was quite tall maybe. I can’t remember. It all happened so quickly.

Morgan: What happened so quickly?

Barker: I was telling this man the way to the station when someone else...another person...came up behind me. They must have hit me – because I felt a bang on the back of my head and the next thing I knew I was flat on the pavement.

Morgan: Did they speak?

Barker: What?

Morgan: Did they say anything...after you were hit? Can you remember?

Barker: I can just remember being cold. It was very cold lying on the ground. I felt their hands going through my pockets...wallet, keys, phone... They took everything. Then they ran away and left me lying there. I tried to get up but I was dizzy…didn’t feel right. I thought I’ll just lie here for a bit and hope someone comes along.

Morgan: And someone did come along..?

Barker: Yes, they did... Two women. I could hear them talking as they came up to me. I thought…that’s good. They’ll see me…and they’ll help me. I’ll be alright now...but then one of them said:

Woman: Just look at that! Homeless people sleeping in the street. Don’t expect to see that sort of thing round here. Go on – push off!

Barker: I tried to speak. Tried to tell them that I needed help but they weren’t listening. They just crossed the road and walked away.

Woman: This is a respectable neighbourhood!

Morgan: So you were still just lying there, Mr Barker...

Barker: Yes.

Morgan: And getting pretty cold I imagine...

Barker: I was freezing. But then some more people came along. Two men. They could see I’d been hurt. One of them said he wanted to help me but I heard the other one say...

Man 1: Let’s not get involved. Someone else will sort this out.

Man 2: But he needs help -

Man 1: I told you it’s not our problem. And it’s cold. I wanna get home!

Barker: And I was on my own again. Freezing. Lying in the street. I don’t know how long I was there...felt like hours. And then I saw him...

Morgan: Saw who, Mr Barker?

Barker: Man. On his own. Young fella...not much more than a kid. He was walking towards me.

Morgan: What did he look like?

Barker: Usual sort. Trainers, jeans, a grey top with the hood up so you couldn’t see his face. I thought...this is it. He’s come to finish me off. He knelt down beside me and I said ‘You’re wasting your time. They’ve taken everything. There’s nothing left to steal.’

Morgan: He put his hand in your pocket did he?

Barker: No. No he didn’t. He put his hand in his own pocket...and took out his phone. I heard him say ‘ambulance please’ and then I must have passed out because the next thing I knew I was in here.

Morgan: Well that explains this.

Barker: What is it?

Morgan: It’s a grey top with a hood. The paramedics didn’t think it was yours. You were wrapped up in it when they found you.

Barker: I was wrapped up in that?

Morgan: He was trying to keep you warm, Mr Barker. And it’s good job he did. It was a very cold night. He might just have saved your life.

Barker: And I thought he was going to rob me. He looked...

Morgan: Yeah well you can’t always tell by appearances, Mr Barker. Don’t judge a book by its cover and all that.

Barker: I ought to say thank you to him. Give him back his top. Who was he?

Morgan: He didn’t give his name so we don’t know. Probably won’t ever know. Anyway he’s a Good Samaritan whoever he is.

Barker: Yes. A real Good Samaritan.

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