Listen up ... it's time to test your maths skills!

The Rainbow Quiz is a set of audio quizzes for 1st Level classes, presented by BBC Scotland's Catriona Shearer.

They are designed to test numeracy skills, but as it's audio-only, it's also about listening skills. Catriona reads the questions, with some younger voices helping her out with the answers.

There are three levels - we've called them 'Cloud Ratings'. They're aimed at P2, P3 and P4 respectively (approximately).

How to use the Rainbow Quiz

  1. Choose your level (below).
  2. Click through - and on the next page you'll see seven quizzes, from Red (easiest) through to Violet (hardest).
  3. Secret Step for teachers only, you can have a look (and download) what's in each quiz in Quiz pdfs.
  4. Select a quiz, then click on Questions to play it.
  5. When you're ready, click on Answers to play the answers.

Have fun! :)

Cloud Rating 1
Cloud Rating 2
Cloud Rating 3