Slideshow: Rosa Parks and the Civil Rights Movement

The slideshow

This slideshow is part of our KS2 assembly framework about Rosa Parks.

Rosa Parks slideshow: Image 1

Image 1

America in the 1950s... America in the 1950s… A land of great wealth…opportunity…freedom… But not for everyone. Because black people living in America at that time were often treated very differently to white people. In many parts of America they were kept apart - they were 'segregated'. Black people couldn’t go to the same schools as white people…

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The video

Play the video after Image 6 of the slideshow.

After watching the video return to Image 7 of the slideshow.

Video questions

  • What was the date of Rosa Parks' actions? (1st December 1955)
  • Where was Rosa Parks travelling? (She was returning home after work)
  • Where did Rosa Parks sit on the bus? (In the seats at the back allocated to black people)
  • What happened after Rosa Parks refused to give up her seat? (The driver asked her to move; then the police arrived and arrested her)
  • What does Rosa Parks say she was 'tired of'? (She says she was tired of 'giving in')