Pentecost and the Apostles

The story of how the twelve followers of Jesus set out to change to the world...

The video

Mrs Williams tells her class of primary school pupils that today they will be finding out about a group of brave people who changed the world...

She sends Boz - a time-travelling droid - back to two thousand years to the Sea of Galilee. Four fishermen - Peter, Andrew, James and John - are landing their catch when they are approached by Jesus. Jesus persuades them to leave what they are doing to travel with him and help to share his teaching.

After Jesus is crucified the followers of Jesus - now twelve in number - are scared for their safety and living in hiding. They witness a strange event, including fire all around them, which they believe to be the gift of the Holy Spirit, which Jesus had promised them. Their courage is renewed and the disciples, or Apostles, set out across the world to spread the word of Jesus. They have become 'unstoppable'.

Duration: 4' 39"

Final words: 'They were unstoppable!' / 'Unstoppable - like me!'

Video questions

  • Who are the 'Apostles'? (The followers of Jesus. To begin with his disciples, though later also sometimes defined as including others like Saul / Paul)
  • Where does Boz go first and who does he see there? (Galilee - where he sees Peter, Andrew, James, John and also Jesus)
  • What does Jesus tell the four fishermen he will make them? ('Fishers of men')
  • What happens while the Apostles are sheltering in a house together? (There is a mighty rushing wind and tongues of fire - it is the Holy Spirit come among them)
  • What is this event known as? (Pentecost)
  • What things happen to the Apostles 'on the road'? (They are attacked by bandits and wild animals...some are imprisoned...some are shipwrecked...they witness war and conflict)