Terrific Scientific - Live Lesson

What happens when I eat?

This Live Lesson will help your pupils to think and work like a scientist, with a focus on taste, nutrition, and the energy that food provides.

Hosted by Barney Harwood and Fran Scott, and featuring developmental psychologist Professor Jackie Blissett and superstar guest CBBC's Hacker T Dog, the lesson is designed to support upper KS2/2nd Level science learning.

It explores the relationship between human taste and nutrition and encourages pupils to learn how to think and work scientifically - including planning, measuring, observing changes, controlling variables and using test results.

This edited programme was first streamed live to schools in January 2017. Please note that we are no longer reviewing emails and messages from schools for inclusion in the lesson or on the page.

For more information about all Terrific Scientific investigations go to the Terrific Scientific website.

How to use this resource

Check out our lesson guide for teachers and print out the student activity sheets below.

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