Terrific Scientific Feet - Live Lesson

How flexible are my feet?

A camel and a snake live in the studio... What could possibly go wrong?!

Hosted by The One Show's Michelle Ackerley and science presenter Greg Foot, this Terrific Scientific Live Lesson explores adaption, evolution and inheritance of living things with help from evolutionary biologist Professor Ben Garrod and CBBC's Hacker T Dog.

Science content is aimed at 9-11s and ties in with the BBC's Terrific Scientific Feet campaign, which saw children all over the country exploring how flexible their feet are and whether there is a rural and urban variation.

Pupils are introduced to the idea that living things produce offspring but not everything is inherited - some features are controlled by the environment we live in.

This edited programme was first streamed live to schools in December 2017. Please note that we are no longer reviewing emails and messages from schools for inclusion in the lesson or on the page.

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