Strictly micro:bit - Live Lesson

Learn more about programming with Strictly Come Dancing and the BBC micro:bit

This Live Lesson introduces basic programming principles to secondary-aged pupils, helping to engage them in fun, challenging digital projects using the BBC micro:bit.

With Strictly Come Dancing stars and guest experts in the field of digital art and wearable technology, the Live Lesson touches on aspects of the Key Stage 3/3rd Level computing curriculum including basic algorithms, loops, sequencing, variables and inputs and outputs.

The lesson aims to introduce students to these concepts in a simple, engaging manner, allowing them to get involved with creating their own digital art, designing their own wearables and remixing their own music using the micro:bit.

This edited programme, presented by Rachel Riley and Anton Du Beke was first streamed live to schools on March 2016. Please note that we are no longer reviewing emails and messages from schools for inclusion in the lesson or on the page.

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How to use this resource

Check out our lesson guide for teachers and print out the student activity sheets for the activities below.

Please note that this resource was developed in 2016 and some of the links to the previous micro:bit code editors on the original printed resources may no longer work. We have removed the links to the hex files, but a number of the code projects on the activity sheets can be replicated using the new MakeCode editor available on, so these sheets are still available for your information.

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