micro:bit: Mission to Mars - Live Lesson

Explore the limits of the universe with the BBC micro:bit

Reach for the stars with this BBC micro:bit Live Lesson, which investigates how computer science can be used to aid human space exploration.

The programme is designed for Key Stage 3/3rd Level pupils and involves exploring how the BBC micro:bit can be used to measure, calculate and understand aspects of your personal environment.

Combining computing with mathematics, physics and biology, we explore key scientific measures including speed, acceleration, temperature and moisture, and how these factors are instrumental in an astronaut's work.

Students can download, manipulate and adapt the code that we use in the lesson, using them in their own classroom experiments.

This edited programme, presented by Ed Petrie and Fran Scott was first streamed live to schools in June 2016. Please note that we are no longer reviewing emails and messages from schools for inclusion in the lesson or on the page.

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How to use this resource

Check out our lesson guide for teachers and print out the student activity sheets below.

Please note that this resource was developed in 2016 and some of the links to the previous micro:bit code editors on the original printed resources may no longer work. We have removed the links to the hex files, but a number of the code projects on the activity sheets can be replicated using the new MakeCode editor available on micro:bit.org, so these sheets are still available for your information.

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