Literacy Live Lesson 1 - KS1 / First Level

In this Literacy Live Lesson for KS1/First Level, CBBC’s Rhys Stephenson and Mr Smith from Bitesize Daily explore the book Simon Sock by Paul Linnet and Sue Hendra. The book is read by Junior Bake Off winner and vlogger, Nikki Lilly.

As well as guided reading of a fiction text, pupils will learn about and practise using capital letters, discuss what makes a good friend and write about their own hobbies.

This is the first in a series of weekly Live Lessons for Autumn 2020, designed to support children in catching up on literacy and numeracy as they return to school after lockdown.

Each week, we published two lessons, one for KS1/First Level and one for KS2/First & Second Level. The lessons are designed for use in the classroom, but are also suitable to be used at home should schools be closed again.

Please note that this lesson was published in 2020 and we are no longer reviewing emails and messages from schools for inclusion in the lesson or on the page.

Curriculum Links

Children are encouraged to:

  • Listen to and discuss a story,
  • Make inferences on the basis of what is being said and done (including discussing what it means to be a good friend)
  • Matching pictures to corresponding words (pairs activity)
  • Use capital letters for the beginning of sentences and for proper nouns
  • Use full stops accurately
  • Write sentences based on their own experience (hobbies activity)

Supporting resources from Twinkl

This Live Lesson is supported by free teaching resources from Twinkl. Download today using the links below:

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Sue Hendra and Paul Linnet