Doctor Who and the micro:bit - Live Lesson

The Time Lord, the TARDIS and the micro:bit

The BBC micro:bit is put to the test at the controls of the TARDIS in this special Live Lesson in collaboration with the team behind Doctor Who.

Hosted by Iain Stirling and Julia Hardy, this lesson for 11-13s, and is devised around computational thinking skills. We explore search algorithms, different types of errors and the components that go into an algorithm, with guest experts Laura Lowenthal from Google, Sam Adamson from Ubisoft and Gabrielle Kent, senior lecturer in computer games development and Deputy Head of the Computer Games department at Teesside University.

Using their BBC micro:bit, students are challenged to solve a fictional disaster scenario while coming face to face with one of the Doctor’s deadliest foes.

This edited programme was first streamed live to schools in March 2017. Please note that we are no longer reviewing emails and messages from schools for inclusion in the lesson or on the page.

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Please note that this resource was developed in 2017 and some of the links to the previous micro:bit code editors on the original printed resources may no longer work. We have removed the links to the hex files, but a number of the code projects on the activity sheets can be replicated using the new MakeCode editor available on, so these sheets are still available for your information.

Check out our lesson guide for teachers, print out the student activity sheets and download the hex files for the activities below.

To download the hex files for the activities, right click on the links and click 'save as' to download these to your computer, ready for transferring onto your micro:bit

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