CBeebies: Stories by the Sea - Live Lesson

Exploring the magic of storytelling

This Live Lesson, inspired by Old Jack's Boat: Rockpool Tales, looks at storytelling techniques for 5-7s.

Hosted by Show Me, Show Me presenters and writers for Old Jack's Boat Chris Jarvis and Pui Fan Lee, and starring Paul Hawkyard as Ernie Starboard, the lesson explores story structure and focuses on key aspects of the curriculum.

Children are encouraged to help Chris and Pui create their own special Rockpool tale, plotting a simple story from beginning to end. Through interactive activities around character and setting the programme explores different ways of approaching story writing.

Content was created in collaboration with BookTrust.

This programme was first streamed live to schools in October 2016. Please note that we are no longer reviewing emails and messages from schools for inclusion in the lesson or on the page.

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