BBC Radio 1's Academy - Live Lesson

A lesson in TV production

Filmed as part of 2017's BBC Radio 1's Academy, this half-hour programme is aimed at 13 - 16-year-olds studying media studies, and features BBC Radio 1’s Matt Edmondson and BBC Radio 1Xtra presenter Mim Shaikh.

During the lesson students are challenged to take on the role of producers planning the filming of a live music performance by singer-songwriter Fiona Lee.

The CEO and Director of Sheffield Doc/Fest and former Head of Production and Development Factual at Discovery UK, Liz McIntyre, is also on hand with some handy tips and advice.

This programme was first published in September 2017. Please note that we are no longer reviewing emails and messages from schools for inclusion in the lesson or on the page.

How to use this resource

Check out our lesson guide for teachers and print out the student activity sheets below.

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