About BBC Teach Live Lessons

Fun and interactive curriculum linked programmes for your classroom

BBC Teach Live Lessons are interactive programmes to support teachers and bring curriculum content to life.

We’ve worked with leading experts and some of the BBC's biggest brands and talent so your class can enjoy hands-on interactive learning with their favourite presenters.

There are over 50 recordings of previous Live Lessons available here on BBC Teach, covering a range of subjects and key stages.

Click or tap here for primary.

Click or tap here for secondary.

Along with programmes to support some of our biggest BBC Education brands including The Renegerators and Super Movers, your students will also be inspired by our collaborations with Doctor Who, Blue Planet Live, Radio 2’s 500 Words, Winterwatch and CBeebies brands Pablo and Old Jack’s Boat.

We’ve also created Live Lessons in partnership with the Royal Shakespeare Company and Royal Opera House as well as the organisers of World Book Day and National Poetry Day.

Each lesson is 30-40 minutes long, and can be played in real time in your classroom. There is an accompanying teacher guide with curriculum links to help you prepare, and downloadable activity sheets you can print and hand out to students.

Each programme was originally broadcast live. The recorded versions will stay available online for you to create a shared moment in your school whenever you want to.

Teachers who’ve used Live Lessons have told us:

“We love Live Lessons, and how it brings learning to life.”

“The children are really engaged and enjoying this.”

“There are 240 children in the hall writing Haikus together!”

“Great conversations being had in the classroom!”

If you would like to be notified about any future live programmes sign up to our free email service here. We also have a twitter feed, @BBC_Teach and a Facebook page. If you’d like to contact us you can also email us at live.lessons@bbc.co.uk.