Facebook Live: What is the Point of Primary Science?

Facebook Live: What is the Point of Primary Science?

Why is it important and what are we trying to achieve?

There is an increasing recognition that science should be a subject where pupils need to be actively engaged in exploration and developing their own ideas and questions, being led by natural curiosity and creativity.

But how do teachers balance this against the statutory requirements in the curriculum? How can we encourage children to take control and go where their curiosity takes them while still making sure we ‘cover’ the facts? And how can we do this within the limitations of our school environments?

This live debate was led by presenter Naomi Wilkinson and features panellists Dr Lynne Bianchi, Director of The University of Manchester's Science and Engineering Education Research and Innovation Hub, Louise Stubberfield, Programme Manager of Primary Science Education at the Wellcome Trust and Claire Seeley, a teacher and hub leader for Primary Science Quality Mark and independent primary science consultant.

Through this discussion, we hope to help teachers develop ideas on how to strike this balance and effectively engage primary-aged children in science, and highlight resources on BBC Teach that can help them do that.

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