500 Words 2019 - Live Lesson

Inspirational story-writing tips from top authors

Please note entries for 500 Words 2019 have now closed.

‘500 Words’ is the UK’s most successful short story-writing competition for children between the ages of 5 and 13.

This edited Live Lesson, which was originally streamed live to schools at the launch of the 2019 competition, is designed to inspire children to come up with their own imaginative short stories.

In the programmme, 500 Words judges and authors Charlie Higson and Frank Cottrell-Boyce and author and illustrator Elys Dolan share top tips and attempt to write a whole 500 Words story in the space of a single Live Lesson.

There's also a special guest appearance from top author and comedian David Walliams.

Content and resources for this Live Lesson are tailored for both 5 - 7 year olds and for ages 7 and up.

Find out more about '500 Words' and the 2019 winning stories on the 500 Words website.

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