How do I make an amazing animation?

Meet the Art Ninja

I'm Ricky from Art Ninja and I'm an animator. It's easy to make your own animation with a few basic tools. These are my simple tips on how to make your own amazing animations.

What do you need to make an animation?

You don't need loads of expensive kit, just a few basic things you'll have around your house. Click or tap on the items below to find out more.

What can I animate?

You can animate anything! And here's the proof. I've turned some of my favourite biscuits into a stunt show!

How do I get started?

Click or tap on the storyboard below to find out how to make an animation with just your phone and something you can move.

How do I do green screen?

Here are my top Ninja moves for using green screen. Click or tap below to see what they are.

A finished green screen animation

Here's the kind of effect you can make when you're a green screen Ninja!

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