External Educational Providers

External learning-related websites

Sometimes, we include links to external learning-related websites, outside of the BBC.

These provide additional resources which might be useful to you.

Our index of providers is below.

Since these pages aren’t run or maintained by the BBC, we can’t guarantee their content - nor are we endorsing them as a product.

These links have been drawn from submissions to our linking out policy.

If you represent an organisation which would like to be considered for our list, the linking out policy page has all the information you’ll need.

Age of Revolution - This website brings together objects and artworks from museums and galleries across the UK, together with fascinating facts, information and curriculum-linked ideas to help bring this extraordinary period (1775 – 1848) to life.

all teach - A provider of lessons and resources to help primary children learn about computing.

Barefoot Computing - Developed by practising teachers through Computing at School and managed by BT, Barefoot exists to boost teachers’ subject knowledge, save time and help bring computational thinking to life in cross-curricular lessons.

Big Ideas - Find projects and resources designed to bring communities and countries together. Fun, educational resources for independent home learning, focusing on STEM, citizenship and Holocaust remembrance.

blutick - Watch videos, view worked examples and try problems to improve your maths confidence and understanding.

Centenary News - A range of news about the First World War centenary.

codeSpark - A computer science resource that combines learning with creative play and community.

Dekko Comics - Educational comic stories providing an entertaining alternative to conventional learning and revising.

Discovery Education - A collection of resources to support the teaching of coding at Key Stages 1 and 2.

e-Bug - A website, operated by Public Health England, offering fun games and teaching resources about microbes and antibiotics.

econoME - Help teach your students the importance of decision making.

EducationCity - Providing engaging interactive learning materials.

Education Quizzes - A subscription website that provides interactive quizzes written by teachers.

Edusites English - English language and literature website to help and develop teacher impact on student learning.

Fast Past Papers - A collection of past papers for SATs, GCSE and A-level in England.

Fly the Flag - Resources designed to support the teaching of human rights from ages 5 to 18, in line with the English curriculum, in a creative way. Designed in consultation with teachers to support human rights education within Citizenship and PSHE.

Gigajam Music School - An online music school delivering multi-media instrumental tuition.

Giving To Help Others - Free curriculum-linked resources to teach your pupils about giving to help others, and blood, stem cell and organ donation. All these resources can stand alone or be combined, and include comprehensive teacher notes so minimal preparation is required.

Global Grid for Learning - A supplementary resource for teachers and students.

Gojimo - Multiple choice quizzes specific to exam boards, offering a wide breadth of topics.

iCompute - A scheme designed to develop the knowledge, skills and understanding of the teachers and pupils in computing.

Jasmin Vardimon Educational Company - Educational resources aimed primarily at A Level and GCSE Dance.

JustMaths - Resources for maths teachers and support for GCSE students.

Khan Academy - A self-paced, mastery-based, personalised learning experience.

LifeSkills - Lessons, content and resources to help teachers support students with employability skills.

Linguascope - Interactive language learning website for students and teachers.

Little Bridge - Resources aimed at young learners of English as an additional language.

Maths is Fun - Easy to understand explanations of maths topics, with examples, animations and illustrations.

Maths Kingdom - Educational resources for home use, private tutors, schools and tuition centres aimed at KS3 and KS4.

MathsWatch - Free access to a selection of videos and interactively marked questions.

micro:bit Educational Foundation - Supporting teachers and pupils with micro:bit resources, activities, and code editors.

Night Zookeeper - An online writing tool, class blog and library of interactive lessons.

Online Eleven Plus Exams - An online learning platform giving practice in verbal reasoning, non-verbal reasoning, English and mathematics.

Pearson Education - Comprehensive and effective revision support through Bitesize workbooks.

Physics.org - A collection of physics related learning content.

Public Health England - Flexible teaching resources for primary school classes from Change4Life and Rise Above lesson plans for secondary schools.

Raspberry Pi Code Club - Project-based digital making activities suited to a wide range of disciplines and interests.

Remember the Rainbow - Online resource for teachers aimed at learning the colours of the rainbow and celebrating diversity and inclusion.

Revision Buddies - Thousands of professionally authored, syllabus-based GCSE questions for students.

RNIB - Online resource for teachers to increase learning and improve outcomes for learners with print disability.

SAM Learning - An e-learning subscription site of educational resources.

SATs Companion - SATs revision and test practise based on the different styles of questions.

Save Teachers' Sundays - Thousands of high-quality learning resources, including hundreds of free resources to download.

Seneca Learning - A free homework and revision platform that uses neuroscience to enhance understanding, memory and engagement.

Since 9/11 - Free teaching resources for young people about 9/11. Subscription required.

StudyWise - GCSE revision resources for the subject and exam syllabus being studied.

Switched On Computing - A community site developed to support teachers in using Switched on Computing.

Teachit English - Education resource specialising in English, drama and media studies from 11-18.

The Careers & Enterprise Company - Helping to link schools and colleges to employers, in order to increase employer engagement for young people.

The Space Place - A series of animated films set in a museum of model space vehicles designed for young children.

TrueTube - A collection of videos, lesson plans and assemblies for RE, PSHE and citizenship.

Twinkl - Teacher-created planning and assessment materials and teaching resources.

UKParliament - Free resources to support your teaching about UK Parliament and democracy. Available for both primary and secondary teachers, the resources cover topics across the UK curricula, including elections, debating, British Values and the work and role of the UK Parliament in our democracy.

Unio - Teachers can use Unio for free to deliver interactive content, to extend subject knowledge and enhance learning.