Easter Teaching Resources

Explore our collection of Easter-themed teaching resources for use in your primary or secondary classroom.

Highlights from this collection includes:

  • An animated portrayal of the Christian story of Easter
  • A look at various other religious festivals including Yom Kippur, Eid-Ul-Fitr and Diwali
  • An audio story in which a Roman soldier recounts the story of the crucifixion
  • Justin Fletcher's Easter dance sessions
The Christian Story of Easter
Religious Festivals
Britain in Springtime
When is Easter? Well, it depends...


School Radio

Assemblies KS1: Dan the Donkey
Dance KS1 Let's Move: Eggstravaganza!
Audio stories KS1: The magic egg
Audio stories KS2: Mary's Diary - a story for Easter
Audio stories KS2: Peter's story - 1: And then the cock crowed
Audio stories KS2: Peter's story - 2: Feed my sheep
Audio stories KS2: At the foot of the cross
Assemblies KS1: The Easter story