CBeebies Go Explore & Storytime Apps

Explore two of the wonderful CBeebies apps, designed around the Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum.

The Go Explore and Storytime apps are designed to inspire children's imaginations and provide some fun ways to develop their learning.

Adults can feel safe in the knowledge that children are using an app that is free to download and free from any advertisements or in-app purchases.

The apps also feature a parental lock to help keep little fingers safe, leaving children free to explore, play and enjoy a fun learning experience with their favourite CBeebies characters.

Find out about the learning benefits of the CBeebies Storytime App.

Storytime App

CBeebies Storytime is designed to support early years reading with playful and imaginative books featuring CBeebies favourites like Mr Tumble, the Go Jetters and Waffle the Wonderdog.

Each story is brought to life with interactive elements to touch, swipe and play with.

A library feature allows children to choose different books to download, then return and swap for new stories when they are finished.

The app has two reading modes to accommodate different reading abilities and styles:

  • Read to Me: the story is narrated by a CBeebies character or presenter and lets children listen as they follow the story.
  • Read by Myself: children can read at their own pace, either on their own or with a teacher or guardian.

At the end of each story, questions about what happened help to develop comprehension skills and prompt conversation.

There is also a dedicated Grown Ups section including tips to support children’s reading development and an option to switch to an accessibility mode.

Storytime App

Go Explore App

Go Explore helps children as they grow, building up their skills and understanding ready to start school.

The games in this app focus on the following areas on the EYFS curriculum:

  • Understanding the World: The world
  • Physical Development: Health & self-care
  • Mathematics: Shape & space
  • Personal, Social and Emotional Development: Managing feelings and behaviour
  • Understanding the World: People & Communities
  • Understanding the World: Technology

The app is aimed at children aged 3-5.

Go Explore app

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