History KS2: Y is for Your Country Needs You

A selection of British newspaper headlines from World War One suggest the impact propaganda had on the Home Front.

Attitudes towards foreigners and particularly Germans became more hostile.

In a dramatic monologue, Friedrich Muller, a German man settled in Britain, describes his experience of the growing intolerance.

The iconic image of General Kitchener and his message ‘Your Country Needs You’ made Friedrich feel isolated and excluded.

His friends and neighbours turned against him, his shop was vandalised and Friedrich ends up in an internment camp on the Isle of Man.

This clip is form the series WW1 A to Z.

Teacher Notes

Was Britain right to deliberately use provocative and biased language to stir up anti-German feelings during the war years?

Pupils could debate the question and vote on their response.

Pupils could select examples of powerful propaganda images and discuss the language used.

They could re-word some of the messages in more measured and neutral terms and note how this mutes their impact.

Can the children find examples of biased language in today’s advertising?

Curriculum Notes

This short film might be useful for teaching history at Key Stage 2 / Second Level or above.

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