Geography KS1: Living in an eco-village

William Whiskerson meets his friend Ewan, who lives in an eco-village in Shropshire.

First he visits Ewan’s house and learns how it has been adapted to save energy through the use of solar panels and triple glazing.

He then visits the village allotment and helps to pick vegetables and collect eggs for tea.

Teacher Notes

After viewing the clip, pupils could be aksed: "What could we do here at school to make our classroom more sustainable, like the eco-village William Whiskerson saw?"

Collect pupils' suggestions and guide them towards ideas such as collecting rainwater for classroom plants, or introducing separate bins for recycling waste from the classroom.

Pupils could experience using solar energy, by trying out solar-powered calculators.

Pupils could be challenged to look out for energy-saving features, such as double glazing or solar panels, on buildings in the school's neighbourhood.

Pupils could also look for evidence of recycling, such as bottle banks and clothes banks.

Pupils could photograph any examples they find, for an online slideshow or classroom display.

Curriculum Notes

This clip will be relevant for teaching Geography.

This topic appears in KS1/KS2 in England, Wales and Northern Ireland and Early/1st/2nd levels in Scotland.

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